Dog is so annoyed with corgi brother

Viral Video: Dog Is SO Annoyed With Corgi Brother
Viral Video: Dog Is SO Annoyed With Corgi Brother

Meet Neville Longbottom ... the corgi.

Not the Harry Potter character.

"We thought it was a perfect name for a corgi. So, if you look at a Corgi, they have long bottoms."

He's quite the viral sensation. But just because he has 23,000 fans on Facebook doesn't mean everyone loves him.

Take Neville's brother, Lou, for example. He looks a little annoyed. Really annoyed.

They say a picture's worth a thousand words ... but how about a video instead? We get the message ... Lou's eyes say it all. "Is it over yet?"

Apparently this happens a lot. We spoke with Lou and Neville's owner, Mike Walsh:

"Lou is kinda off doing his own thing most of the time, he has anxiety issues, which isn't good to live with a corgi, but every once in a while they play, so, in that situation, he was just annoyed with Neville."

That face, though. Seriously. Lou could be a comic book dog.

We bet it's hard to stay mad at such a sweet face, though. Annoy on, Neville. Annoy on.

"He's a maniac. ... but he's definitely mellowed out a lot over the past year."

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