Taylor Swift is officially a traffic stopper, shuts down Hollywood Boulevard


Taylor Swift certainly knows how to take center stage.

The 24-year-old popstar shut down Hollywood Boulevard on Thursday night as she hit the stage for a live outdoor concert on "Jimmy Kimmel Live."

Swifty, who was clad in a skintight pair of black leather pants and a sparkly crop top, performed her new hits "Shake It Off" and "Out of the Woods" to a crowd of nearly 15,000 screaming fans on a closed-down section of the infamous street.

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Taylor Swift Performs
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Taylor Swift Performs

Now that's what we call an album promotion.

The "Red" singer is set to release her "1989" album on October 27 and has been making the talk show rounds, but this performance was of epic proportions.

Prior to her traffic-stopping act, the superstar sat down with Kimmel to ruminate on her first stop at his show nearly 10 years ago.

"Taylor came to our show with her mom and her guitar, and somehow she got a hold of the guy who books the bands here, Scott Igoe, and she asked if she could play a song for him. And he said, 'No, you can't be in the greenroom, we serve alcohol here. You're too young. You have to go.' So he threw her out," Kimmel kidded. "He threw Taylor Swift out of our building.'"

Naturally, there were no hard feelings though between Kimmel and Swift and she promptly settled the score with a sweet comment.

"All's well that ends well because I think of it like this: I think you probably would have gotten in more trouble with Jimmy had he wandered out and been like, 'Why is there this random 14-year-old tiny child sitting here with a guitar case? What's happening here?'"

'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Taylor Swift Performs
'Jimmy Kimmel Live!': Taylor Swift Performs

Swift has come a long way since that instance. The 7-time Grammy Award winner told Kimmel she's feeling "more confident" than ever about the release of her fifth studio album.

And based on the audience's reaction on Hollywood Blvd, it's safe to say that her feelings are spot-on.