Rare twins head home after surprise arrival

Rare Twins Head Home After Surprise Arrival
Rare Twins Head Home After Surprise Arrival

ANKENY, Iowa -- After more than a week in hospital rare twins born in Des Moines are heading home.

WHO TV reports: We first introduced you to Shelby Magnani and her fiancé James Croskey last week. The couple didn't have long to adjust to parenthood. Their twins, Ava and Anna made their surprise arrival last week without Magnani even knowing she was pregnant.

After a week in the NICU, the girls were strong enough to come home.

"They were discharged, passed all their tests they had to do at the hospital, passed their hearing, got their Hepatitis B vaccine and they were good to go," says Magnani.

The girls have already beaten some pretty big odds.

Anna and Ava are monoamniotic twins, meaning they share one placenta and one amniotic sac.

Doctors estimate less than one percent of all twins are monoamniotic and those twins have a 50% survival rate.

"The statistics of them are not on our side and we conquered and they are just as strong as can be, little fighters," says Croskey.

The twin's story is also pretty amazing, gaining world-wide attention.

"I've had somebody from Australia, a women's magazine wanted to do an article, people have been Facebook messaging me from Brazil, Germany and Italy saying they saw our story, it`s just crazy," says Magnani.

Now that things are settling down, Magnani and Croskey say they're trying to wrap their heads around all that goes with the mom and dad title.

"I had not really spent any time with babies before so it's a really new experience and learning lots of stuff," says Croskey.

His fiancé agrees saying, "It's all still pretty new, learning a lot of stuff."

The two say they're counting on donations, and the kindness of friends and family to help them learn the ropes of their new roles.

"All our family and friends have been so great. We`re so lucky to have the support we do, everybody has helped out tremendously," says Magnani.

A site has been set up to help pay for expenses and items needed for the twins.

To donate, click here.

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