NFL Week 8: 14 games, 14 bold predictions

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On Thursday night, the Denver Broncos reminded us all who the bully in the AFC was, handing the Chargers a second loss in as many weeks to knock them into second place in the West.

That was the start of Week 8, but there are 14 more NFL games on the slate this Sunday and on Monday night.

XN Sports will take a look at each one of the other 14 matchups, providing you with some insight and one bold prediction. Last week, we predicted a last-second game-winning drive in the Bills-Vikings showdown (of course, we had Teddy Bridgewater pulling off the heroics, not Kyle Orton!). We also had Miami upsetting Chicago, and Peyton Manning re-writing the record books before halftime against the 49ers.

Onto Week 8...

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