Host Handbook: Tricks and treats for Halloween

Host Handbook: Tricks and Treats for Halloween
AOL Lifestyle Expert Sabrina Soto shares two of her favorite Halloween projects: mummy wrapped candle holders and chocolate sandwich spooky eyes.

What you'll need for the mummy wrapped candle holders: Directions:
  • Add a line of glue to your mason jar.
  • Begin to wrap gauze around the jar, using the glue to secure it.
  • Glue two googly eyes of different sizes on to the wrapped jar.
  • Insert a LED candle.
What you'll need for the chocolate sandwich spooky eyes: Directions:
  • Refrigerate the cookies before separating them.
  • Separate each cookie.
  • Add a circle of blue or eye frosting in the center of the cook with the white frosting still intact.
  • Use a paintbrush and red frosting to create the "bloodshot" look.
  • Use a candy for the pupil.

Host Handbook: Trick or treat
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Host Handbook: Tricks and treats for Halloween
Add glue to your mason jar.
Bring out the gauze!
Begin wrapping the gauze around the jar.
Apply a bit more glue an stick on some googly eyes.
Sabrina recommends using two googly eyes of different sizes.
Drop in a LED candle.
Group a few together to make it really festive!
Now, onto these spooky eye cookies.
Really, how great are they -- check them out!
Make sure to refrigerate your cookies before you attempt to separate the two halves.
Separate the two halves of your cookies.
Add a circle of frosting to the center.
Now, add some red lines with a paintbrush.
And finish it off with a candy center!

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