Would you name your baby after this?

Would You Name Your Baby After THIS?!
Would You Name Your Baby After THIS?!

If a hurricane named Jayden or Olivia hit the U.S., would that stop parents from using them as baby names? Let's check out how, historically, hurricane names have affected babies.

Let's begin with a big one in 2005, Katrina. The name rose in popularity with parents of newborns through the 1980s when it started to decline, but after the Gulf Coast disaster, the use of the name was basically over.

Next, let's look at the 1992 monster, Andrew. The name Andrew remained popular through the entire 20th century and even after the hurricane with the same name decimated south Florida little boys continued to receive the moniker.

Finally, a mystery from 2004, Charley. The popular boy name was on a steady decline until it really dropped off in the 1980s. Then, after the hurricane hit in 2004, the name started becoming popular with parents for their baby girls.

So, would you name your baby after a major hurricane?

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