VIRAL: Dog fails at trick but still warms hearts

VIRAL: Dog Fails at Trick but Still Warms Hearts
VIRAL: Dog Fails at Trick but Still Warms Hearts

Chip is almost three years old, and he's usually pretty good at tricks ... so this mishap was an exception. Still, there's something about the FAIL that makes it even better than if he had pulled it off. Honestly, who hasn't had a moment like this? This is like the doggy equivalent of tripping while trying to wave to a friend.

While the mishap is funny, Chip's story is actually pretty amazing. Newsy chatted with his owner, Missan, via Skype. "Chip came a year ago. He and his brother was chained inside of a shed," Missan said.

Missan said that Chip first came to her through a foster program called Friends Forever, which takes dogs from Ireland and sends them to families in Sweden, where she lives.

"When he got here, we fostered him first, but I fell in love with him. As soon as you looked at him, he would hide in a corner and shiver," Missan explained.

Missan says Chip has gotten a lot better since he first came to them. Now, he will even greet people. It's obvious he's a very happy pooch. He also gets along with her other dog, Fred. Instead of shivering and hiding, Chip "wants attention 24/7."

Now that's a doggone adorable story.

Watch Chip's FAIL again:

Just to prove Chip does have some doggy talent, check out this non-fail: