Toddler miraculously escapes injury after SUV crash

Toddler Miraculously Escapes Injury After SUV Crash
Toddler Miraculously Escapes Injury After SUV Crash

A mother and daughter in Virginia had a lucky escape Wednesday. After the mother left the child alone in an SUV, it somehow started rolling into a busy road.

WTVR reports: The mother of the child was in the gas station and had left the 2-year-old in a car seat.

WRIC reports that the 2-year-old climbed out of the car seat and somehow managed to put the car in neutral. According to WRIC, you can see in this surveillance video a car passes by just seconds before the white SUV starts to move.

Amazingly, the SUV drifted across four lanes of traffic without getting hit, before rolling down the embankment and into the automotive shop.

The owner of the shop told WWBT that intersection is usually pretty busy and accidents are fairly frequent.

According to WWBT, the 2-year little girl is okay, but the car shop has a big hole in it right now.

Authorities say no one was injured in the incident and they don't expect any charges to be filed.

Experts say if you are parked facing uphill, turn your front wheels away from the sidewalk -- and the opposite when parked facing downhill. That way if the car does start to move, it will roll into the curb and not into traffic.

Leaving children alone in cars also puts them at risk of heat stroke. According to the Department of Meteorology and Climate Science at San Jose State University, these incidents can occur in temperatures as mild as 70 degrees.

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