Swiss company apologizes for coffee creamers with Hitler, Mussolini on lids

Swiss Company Apologizes For Hitler Coffee Creamers
Swiss Company Apologizes For Hitler Coffee Creamers

A Swiss retailer is apologizing to customers for giving away coffee creamers with Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini on the lids. According to the company, Migros, a number of errors led to the dictators being featured on the creamers. Now, they are promising to replace the lids in all of their cafes and restaurants.

A spokesperson from Migros said: "Internal controls had failed [as] packaging was approved without proper consideration. In the future we'll be sure to sharpen our controls."

The creamer lids were a part of a 55 lid series featuring cigar band designs. Other designs included flowers, animals, and American President John Tyler. While the creamer fiasco, which some are calling "Mein Koffee," has been rectified, there is still another problem at hand: why are there Hitler-branded cigars?

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