Maine man's ashes being launched into space

cremation urn
cremation urn

AUBURN, Maine (AP) - The ashes of a Maine man that have been scattered all over the world by strangers who connected with his mother on social media are now being launched into space.

Using her Facebook page, Auburn resident Hallie Twomey has mailed hundreds of packets of her son C.J.'s ashes to people willing to scatter them on beaches, mountains and other places he didn't get to visit before he died four years ago.

On Thursday morning, a vial of C.J.'s ashes will take a new journey when it is launched in a rocket from the New Mexico desert. The rocket will spend a few minutes in space before landing in the White Sands Missile Range.

The roughly $1,000 memorial spaceflight is being paid for by Celestis, the company that arranged the launch.

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