Kristen Stewart's big announcement, Keira Knightley's surprising prom date & 10 more stories everyone's buzzing about

1. Kristen Stewart takes a break from acting to pursue other art forms.

2. What? Keira Knightley took a girl to prom because no boys were interested.

3. Teresa Giudice will be serving her jail sentence at the "Orange is the New Black" prison. We don't think her table-flipping will fly.

4. Taylor Swift releases her full track list for "1989."

5. Air New Zealand created an "epic" safety video featuring the cast of "The Hobbit."

6. Justin Bieber actually impresses with a sick hockey shot.

7. Watch your back, Ashton Kutcher. Christian Bale is set to play Steve Jobs in an upcoming biopic.

8. Damn, Tina Fey took a surprising dig at Rob Schneider.

9. Little girls drop the F-bomb in a viral ad.

10. Lauren Conrad chopped off her locks.

11. Brad Pitt is Zach Galifianakis' latest victim, gets some hard-hitting questions.

12. Zelda Williams gets a tattoo to commemorate her dad Robin Williams.