IKEA produces hilarious spoof on 'The Shining'

IKEA Spoofs 'The Shining' In New Ad
IKEA Spoofs 'The Shining' In New Ad

A commercial for the Sweden-based furniture giant IKEA confirms what I've always believed: shopping at IKEA can be a nightmare.

IKEA Singapore posted a promo on its YouTube page of a young boy exploring the store late at night on a tricycle. An obvious spoof of the 1980 Stanley Kubrick film "The Shining." In the original film, Danny Torrance has the ability to see the ghosts of twin girls who call out to him, "Come play with us, Danny." In the IKEA commercial a Danny look-a-like sees something much scarier: his parents. They beckon with "Come and pay with us, Danny."

The Halloween-themed advertisement is promoting the store's new extended hours, as they'll now be staying open until 11 PM.

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