'Extreme Cheapskates': Woman collects dead people's clothes

'Extreme Cheapskates:' Woman Collects Dead People's Clothes
'Extreme Cheapskates:' Woman Collects Dead People's Clothes

On "Extreme Cheapskates," a woman took her love of finding vintage clothes to a whole new level. Lydia has been what she calls "funeral tracking" for six years now to acquire vintage clothes from the recently deceased for free. She says things like, "I recently heard about your mother's passing, and I was here to offer a service to you. And all that I ask for in return are a few key pieces of her wardrobe."

She says she searches the obituaries in the newspaper for good candidates. Then, Lydia finds the right moment to approach the family and ask if they would be willing to donate their loved one's clothes to her in exchange for clearing them out of their house.

Lydia says her passion for vintage fashion is what drives her to do this, even though many the families she asks immediately turn her down. And even the ones who let Lydia take their deceased loved one's clothes are clearly shocked by her odd request.

Fans on Twitter were just as surprised by Lydia's "funeral tracking," with some calling the practice "insane" and others saying her cheapskate goes way too far.

Still, this isn't the first time "Extreme Cheapskates" has faced scrutiny. Perez Hilton noted some of the people featured on the show should probably seek counseling. And a writer for the Philippine Daily Inquirer added, "Now, we're all for cost-cutting, but this is just too much!"

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