Diamond-studded Halloween costume costs $1.6 million

Halloween Costume for Rich People Is Diamond-Studded
Halloween Costume for Rich People Is Diamond-Studded

We've found a Halloween costume we think even Kim Kardashian could appreciate.

It's a Morphsuit covered in 70,000 diamonds -- and it can be yours for the low, low price of 1 million pounds -- or about $1.6 million. The company's page description jokes about it, too.

"For when the Tuxedo Morphsuit just isn't smart enough Morph into a million, literally. If you like bling, shiny things and have £1million lying around the one and only Million Pound Morph is the morphsuit for you."

So, what's a "morphsuit"? A suit made of sheer material that covers your entire body, including your head.

MorphSuits, which claims to be the original creator of these types of suits, has a lot to choose from ... but they typically aren't, you know, $1.6 million like the diamond-suit bad boy.

One KSLA anchor reported: "The designers ... admitted it's a bit heavy, but they assure the purchaser that they will be able to see in spite of the diamond coating."

A KSLA co-anchor admitted, "I'm too claustrophobic for it."

If you're rich, don't have claustrophobia and want to stand out this Halloween, MorphSuits definitely has the diamond-encrusted option for you.

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