Anderson Cooper slams 'rude,' 'inappropriate' contributor

Anderson Cooper Reprimands Aspiring Journalist
Anderson Cooper Reprimands Aspiring Journalist

Anderson Cooper scolded a self-described "aspiring journalist" who kept asking to take a selfie with the CNN host at the site of the Ottawa shooting on Wednesday.

Sun News Network contributor Vandon Gene posted the altercation on his YouTube page Wednesday evening before launching a Twitter rant against Cooper.

Gene tweeted, "Anderson Cooper exploits Ottawa shooting by flying to Ottawa, but has the decency to criticize me for a photo? I can't believe CNN would employ you when you swear at your fans. I covered this story properly."

To be clear, Cooper didn't swear at him. But taking the bait, Cooper responded on Twitter. The "Anderson Cooper 360" host tweeted, "I can't believe any station employs you, and if you want to be a journalist, learn how to behave when covering a story. Dude, you were rude and asking for a selfie near where a soldier was killed. It was completely inappropriate. Think about it."

Gene continued to rant for a bit, but early Thursday morning he apologized, though not to Cooper directly. He tweeted, "I unreservedly apologize for my actions yesterday. It was completely inappropriate, disrespectful, and distasteful."

On his website Gene describes himself as a "believer in fair and balanced journalism" and "asking tough questions."

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