Woman on vacation learns she's very pregnant

Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant Days Before Giving Birth
Woman Finds Out She's Pregnant Days Before Giving Birth

Kate Hudson, 22, was enjoying an extended dream vacation around Europe that she spent years saving.

She says she thought her recent weight gain was due to her holiday indulgence, something she referred to as a 'food baby.' Turns out, it was a real baby.

Seven weeks into her trip she began feeling odd and decided to take a pregnancy test. It came back positive.

She called her boyfriend Aaron and then continued her grand vacation without too much worry thinking she was in the early stages of expecting.

Then a doctor told her she was already 33 weeks along - that's third trimester status in case anyone was wondering. This both shocked and worried Kate.

She told The Young Mummy, "I had absolutely no clear symptoms... I was exercising heaps, jumping off cliffs, riding bikes, drinking alcohol. The baby's health was both mine and Aaron's concern."

When she got back to her home in Melbourne, another doctor revealed she was actually 38 weeks pregnant, giving the 22-year-old just days to prepare for motherhood.

Except she still hardly looked pregnant. Doctors say that's because Kate had a tilted back uterus and the baby was sitting up high in her diaphragm.

And the best news: Her son, Mason, is eight weeks old and doing just great.

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