Top 3 adorable kid moments gone viral

Top 3 Kid Moments Gone Viral
Top 3 Kid Moments Gone Viral

We searched the Internet for videos of crazy cuts kids that haven't gone viral just yet -- but we're pretty sure they're on the cusp.

Here are the top three 'almost famous' clips that melted our hearts:

Take this little cutie, for example. Just listen to what she tells her dad.

That's just too adorable. We have a feeling she knows just what to say to get what she wants.

Let's jump into No. 2 ... 16-month-old Rory certainly did, with some dramatic flair, to boot.

Hey, if you're gonna jump ... do it with style!

Rory's mom, Minta, told us on Skype her son is an adventurer and this wasn't his first time jumping into the ball pit.

She also told us he's been watching and rewatching this video. Hey, if we were becoming viral superstars, we'd watch ourselves on repeat, too.

And just in case you haven't reached your threshold for adorableness, our No. 3 pick involves dancing twins.

It all seems innocent enough, but just watch when one twin decides he's done.

Whoa, bro! Once one twin notices the other isn't participating in the dance-off... things get real.

Obviously, you can't stop the dancing twin train early!

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