The 10 worst airports in the world

With delays, cancellations and long security lines, flying can be a pain in the neck for anyone -- but it can be truly unbearable when you are in one of the world's worst airports.

Sleeping in Airports polled travelers on the sites of their worst travel experiences -- those airports that lacked in what they refer to as "the four C's of airport travel," namely comfort, conveniences, cleanliness and customer service.

The list cites quotes from travelers such as, "this airport is like as a central prison" and "just make very sure that you never, NEVER need to use the washrooms in this airport" to bring the poor ratings to life.

And while the worst-rated airports take us from the Philippines to France, only one American airport makes the list -- and you won't believe which one it is!

Check out the slideshow above for the 10 worst airports in the world as well as Sleeping in Airports' 10 best airports around the globe.

And if the airport itself wasn't bad enough, here are the most annoying things people do while traveling:

The Most Annoying Things People Do At The Airport
The Most Annoying Things People Do At The Airport

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