Taylor Swift is the craziest of cat ladies

Taylor Swift is a cat lady
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Taylor Swift is the craziest of cat ladies
That time the superstar posted this to her Instagram and captioned it: "This is a good example of what I typically wear on planes, in front of lots of other people who all have eyes."
That time the singer adopted this kitten, and named it Olivia Benson.
That time her cat Meredith was in one of her moods.
That time that John Cleese asked her "Is that a proper cat?" -about her cat Olivia Benson, and she posted this photo quoting him. 

That time the starlet's parents cat-sit Olivia, and this photo shoot ensued, and wound up on Tay's Instagram.

That time T. Swift was trying to sign lithographs and her cat Olivia was trying to tear them to shreds.
That time Taylor posted this Instagram of Olivia passed out.
That time she took her cat for a walk. Like it was a dog.
That time this picture happened of her kitty looking like a baby polar bear.
That time she starred in this Diet Coke commercial with a zillion cats.
That time she got pal Ed Sheeran to nuzzle up to her kitty Meredith.

That time the musician had a 20 minute stare down with her cat Meredith.

That time she posted this hilarious Pic Stitch of her cat Meredith in various displays of bad posture. 
That time Taylor made this meme of her kitties.
That time her cat Olivia passed out upside down on her lap.

That time instead of going to a Grammy after-party, the star did this instead.

That time the singer prepped for the I Heart Radio Festival in Las Vegas with her furry feline.
That time she watched the Olympics with her cat Meredith.
That time Taylor sipped from a cat mug with Ed Sheeran.
That time the country-turned-popstar snapped this picture of her cat's ridiculously adorable posture.
That time she posted an Instagram of this face. 
That time Tay hung out with her cat Meredith on a Sunday afternoon.
The time she posted this heart-melting shot of her kitty.
That time the starlet posted this and declared herself a "cat lady."

That time a super cool fan sent Tay a shirt with a bunch of cats on it. And she wore it.

That time she landed in Houston and her kitty snuggled up to her Oxfords. 
The time this was T. Swift's welcome wagon at a hotel room. 

It's official. Taylor Swift is a cat lady.

The 24-year-old singer who is set to release her fifth studio album, "1989," next week, has gone full on kitty crazy.

In case you aren't convinced by the pop star's recent Instagram -- a shot of her on an airplane wearing a robe covered with kitty faces -- maybe you'll be convinced by this slideshow of all her adorable kitten Instagrams. Oh, and that time she did a Diet Coke commercial with about a zillion cats.

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