Ranking America's cities from most conservative to least: Mesa, Arizona takes the top spot

Most/least conservative cities in the United States, 2014
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Ranking America's cities from most conservative to least: Mesa, Arizona takes the top spot

1. Most Conservative: Mesa, Arizona

(Brian Stablyk, Getty Images)

2. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

(Walter Bibikow, Getty Images)

3. Virginia Beach, Virginia

(Anne Rippy, Getty)

4. Colorado Springs, Colorado

(Photo By Helen H. Richardson/The Denver Post via Getty Images)

5. Jacksonville, Florida

(Photo via Getty Images)

7. Anaheim, California

(Richard Cummins, Getty)

8. Omaha, Nebraska

(Walter Bibikow, Getty)

9. Tulsa, Oklahoma


10. Aurora, Colorado

(Ted Wood, Getty)

11. Anchorage, Alaska

(Blue Poppy via Getty)

12. Fort Worth, Texas

(Richard Cummins, Getty)

13. Fresno, California

(Denis Jr. Tangney, Getty)

14. Corpus Christi, Texas

(via Flickr)

15. San Antonio, Texas

(Ty Wright/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

16. Nashville-Davidson County, Tennessee

(Jon Hicks, Getty)

17. Wichita, Kansas

(John Elk, Getty)

18. Las Vegas, Nevada

(Mitchell Funk, Getty)

19. Phoenix, Arizona

(Jeremy Woodhouse, Getty)

20. Lexington-Fayette County, Kentucky


21. Riverside, California

(Erin Lowenbach, Getty)

22. El Paso, Texas

(Photo by Visions of America/UIG via Getty Images)

23. Louisville, Kentucky

(Kevin R. Morris, Getty)

24. Indianapolis, Indiana

(Walter Bibikow, Getty)

25. Tampa, Florida

(Lee Foster, Getty)

26. Charlotte, North Carolina


27. Toledo, Ohio

(David Liu, Getty)

28. Houston, Texas

(Jeremy Woodhouse, Getty)

30. Cincinnati, Ohio

(Adam Jones, Getty)

31. Tuscon, Arizona

(Wendy Connett)

33. Dallas, Texas

(Witold Skrypczak, Getty)

34. Columbus, Ohio

(Matt Kazmierski, Getty)

35. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

(Walter Bibikow, Getty)

36. Long Beach, California

(Michael Harbison, Getty)

37. Raleigh, North Carolina


38. San Jose, California


39. Sacramento, California


40. Memphis, Tennessee


41. San Diego, California

(Walter Bibikow, Getty)

42. Honolulu, Hawaii

(M.M. Sweet, Getty)

43. Kansas City, Missouri

(Edwin Remsberg, Getty)

44. Cleveland, Ohio

(Alan Copson, Getty)

45. Miami, Florida

(Giorgio Fochesato, Getty)

46. Atlanta, Georgia

(Giorgio Fochesato, Getty)

47. Newark, New Jersey

(Emile Wamsteker/Bloomberg via Getty Images)

48. Denver, Colorado

(Walter Bibikow, Getty)

49. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

(Jerry Driendl, Getty)

50. Los Angeles, California

(Mitchell Funk, Getty)

51. New Orleans, Louisiana

(Paul Taylor, Getty)

52. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

(John Greim, Getty)

53. St. Louis, Missouri

(James Montgomery, Getty)

54. Austin, Texas

(Don Klumpp, Getty)

55. St. Paul, Minnesota


56. Portland, Oregon

(Larry Gloth, Getty)

57. Chicago, Illinois

 (Chris Strong, Getty)

58. Baltimore, Maryland

(Greg Pease, Getty)

59. Buffalo, New York

(Photo by: Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

60. New York, New York

(Photo by Timur Emek/Getty Images)

61. Detroit, Michigan

(Gary Cralle, Getty)

62. Minneapolis, Minnesota


63. Boston, Massachusetts

(Franz Marc, Getty)

64. Oakland, California

(Woodward Payne, Getty)

65. Seattle, Washington

(Bryan Mullennix, Getty)

66. Washington, D.C. 

(Dennis Johnson, Getty)

67. Least Conservative: San Francisco, California

(Mitchell Funk, Getty)



A recent survey has ranked the nation's cities from most to least conservative.

The MIT paper "Representation in Municipal Government" found that Mesa, Arizona, is the most conservative city in America. The most liberal, not surprisingly, is San Francisco.

The study ranked all U.S. cities with a population over 250,000 based on local government policies and positions.

Cities with a higher ratio of conservative Republicans to liberal Democrats ranked near the top. San Francisco, with a heavily Democratic city council, came in last.

Oklahoma City, Virginia Beach, Colorado Springs and Jacksonville rounded out the top five among most conservative.

Washington, D.C., Seattle, Oakland and Boston finished off the five least conservative cities.

New York City ranked as the eighth-least conservative, Chicago came in three spots behind.

Also taken into account are the political parties of elected officials such as the mayor, city council members, term limits and ballot initiatives.

Where does your city rank? Find out in the slideshow above.

Turns Out Liberal & Conservatives Have A Lot In Common

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