Pennsylvania home once known for holiday lights now shows vulgar display

Merry Christmas? Pennsylvania Home Once Known for Holiday Lights Now Shows Vulgar Display
Merry Christmas? Pennsylvania Home Once Known for Holiday Lights Now Shows Vulgar Display

Pittsburgh WTAE -- What was considered one of the city's brightest and best Christmas displays is now a display of profanity and insults. Once bringing the community together, it now divides it. We sent out our reporter to ross township to find out what caused a former neighborhood santa to act more like the grinch.

And this time of year, you might think it's a Halloween display with its headless choir and other disturbing displays. But for those who live in this Ross Township neighborhood, they know very well this display is year-round, and it's been going on for more than a decade. As you travel around the property, the display only gets more vulgar. Now people who live here fear that there's just no hope for anything to be done.

The Christmas display in Ross Township was a holiday destination for families. The man behind it talked to us about the lights back in 2007. But this is what it looks like tonight: Plastic toys, blue tarts, figurines hanging from the roof, kiddie pools tossed upside down, the heads from the choir display now attached to orange cones. One neighbor, Tom White said, "Look you can't bring your grandchildren around or you shouldn't even have children come up the street."

Hand-made signs are hung from every angle of the house, listing neighbors by name with profane comments. Pam Heck lives across the street in eyesight of a sign written about her. "He yells things all the time," she explains. "I've been yelled, you know, curse words, pretty much every time he sees me out here." White adds, "I lost confidence with Ross Township. My house is worth nothing. Even if I try to sell it, I probably couldn't even give it away at this point. "

Township manager Doug Sample says they have cited the owners of the house for code violations: "The court order is to clean the debris up in the yard." To date, they have not complied. The township met again on Tuesday to figure out its next option. The owner would not answer the phone or the front door to comment.

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