More than 100 snakes found in a home in Canada

More Than 100 Snakes Found in Canadian Home
More Than 100 Snakes Found in Canadian Home

Imagine walking into your basement, only to find it crawling with garter snakes -- and then realizing they've slithered into other parts of your home, too.

Megan Lawrence told CBC: "They started finding more and more and then they were finding them in their kitchen and the bedrooms. ... in the cracks of the stone foundation, under the floor, under some boxes and other things."

That was Megan Lawrence from the Salthaven West Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Centre. She was called in to remove the 102 snakes from the home in Regina, Canada.

The Centre also kept track of how big the snakes were. The smallest was nine inches long, and the largest was about three feet.

It's believed the garter snakes were getting ready to hibernate for the winter and were looking for a place to stay warm. According to the Canadian Wildlife Federation, garter snakes hibernate from October through late April.

Garter snakes are considered to be the most common snake found in North America because they can survive in almost any climate.

This means it's not all too uncommon to find garter snakes inside your home, having come in through small gaps and cracks.

Since garter snakes don't really pose any threat to humans, they can easily be removed by anyone wearing gloves or with some sort of tonged instrument.

Snake expert Ray Poulin did tell those watching CBC to keep one thing in mind: "Snakes in general tend to go back to the same hibernation site every year. ... If they have found your basement and they have set up shop, they're going to want to come back year after year."

Sounds like that may be the time to fill in all those small gaps and cracks.

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