Gavin DeGraw opens up about his road to success

Gavin DeGraw has five best-selling albums, but that doesn't mean the 37-year-old singer-songwriter doesn't have fears.

"Every artist is afraid of being a one-hit wonder," DeGraw shared in his interview with AOL Build on Wednesday.

DeGraw, who recently released his greatest hits collection " Finest Hour: The Best of Gavin DeGraw" is much more than a one-hit wonder. His latest collaboration with Ryan Tedder, "Not Over You," reached No. 18 on the Hot 100 chart and put his career back on the map following his massive success from his debut album "Chariot."

Hear DeGraw talk about his "marriage" to "One Tree Hill," what it is really like working with Ryan Tedder, and what inspires him.

Also... watch till the end since the New York-bred artist croons to the audience.

Gavin DeGraw - The Finest Hour
Gavin DeGraw - The Finest Hour