Cheers! The cheapest (and most expensive places) to catch a good buzz


A recent survey has revealed where the cheapest, and most expensive, cities to catch a buzz are ... and the results are a bit surprising.

Consumer watchdog firm WalletHub discovered that the cheapest beers can be found in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and the least expensive wine is in Indianapolis.

The most expensive beers are in Aurora, Illinois, and Chicago. The most expensive wine is in Portland, Oregon.

Wallethub based the results on the average price of a six-pack of beer or a single bottle of wine.

Baton Rouge easily took home the bacon at only $7.41 per six-pack while Aurora and Chicago both took the most expensive slot at $13.32 each.

The cheapest cities following Baton Rouge included Oklahoma City; Omaha, Nebraska; Buffalo, New York; and Anheuser-Busch home base St. Louis.

New York has the third-most expensive beers, followed by Anchorage, Alaska; and Pittsburgh.

Indianapolis residents pay a miserly $4.24 per bottle of wine, less even than San Antonio ($4.61), Detroit ($5.35) and even Napa Valley city San Jose ($5.63).

The most expensive wines can be found in Portland, Oregon at $13.22 per bottle. Anchorage came in second at $11.99 and New York suburbs Yonkers ($11.55) and Jersey City ($11.55) tied for third.

An expert chalked the wide variations in prices of booze up to a variety of reasons.

"There's no single explanation," IBISWorld alcohol industry analyst Nick Petrillo told MarketWatch. "Rather, the price of alcohol varies because of unique regional characteristics, laws and, to a greater extent, people's ability to dictate with their wallets what they will and will not pay for a drink."

Craft Beers and Cider Shine as Overall Beer Drinking Falls in U.S.
Craft Beers and Cider Shine as Overall Beer Drinking Falls in U.S.

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