Thieves steal woman's cabin

Thieves Steal Woman's Cabin From Woods
Thieves Steal Woman's Cabin From Woods

It's devastating to come home and find your house has been burglarized, but imagine this: Josie-Ann Pilotte came home to find her home was stolen.

Pilotte was building a small cabin in the Yukon woods with her bare hands over a three week period as a cozy place to get away when she had the chance. She planned to move the 200-square-foot structure to another location, and it was almost done when, two weeks ago, she hiked with her dogs and found an empty space.

She said in an interview, "I just wanted a little spot for me...The loss is devastating. All of my extra time and money went into this cabin."

Police are still investigating. Small homes are sometimes easy targets for thieves with the right equipment.

Last year, a 70-foot-mobile home in upstate New York was lifted from a diner parking lot. Police say the owner came home from having emergency surgery and found their beloved home gone. No word on if it was ever recovered.

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