Rescued baby elephant 'comforted' by two ostriches during flight

Rescued Baby Elephant Comforted By Two Young Ostriches During Flight
Rescued Baby Elephant Comforted By Two Young Ostriches During Flight

Just as many humans get anxious about flying, it can be nerve-wracking for animals, too.
Recently, a baby elephant's journey on a plane got somewhat easier thanks to some unlikely companions.

On October 13th, staffers from the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Kenya received a report pertaining to an elephant calf that had fallen down a well. On YouTube, the trust noted that the well was man-made, and that the elephant fell into a "sandy river bed."

On October 14th, rescuers arrived to help. Prior to that, scouts tried to reunite the elephant -- named Wass -- with his herd, but all the attempts didn't work out, The Dodo reports. That's when employees from the trust were called in to assist.

On their Facebook page, DSWT explained: "The Milgis Trust scouts attempted to reunite him with the herd but sadly this did not succeed and yesterday morning we were called to rescue little Wass, named after the area he was rescued."

Wass was located along with two orphaned ostrich chicks that reportedly comforted the young elephant as he was loaded onto a plane. Wass and the ostriches were airlifted to David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust's nursery. They all arrived safely and are now receiving care.

Amie Alden, spokesperson for the organization, told The Dodo that, " All young elephants are extremely fragile, not least when they have experienced being separated from their mother and we are therefore currently providing Wass the specialist care he needs."

Wass will likely spend the next few years at the nursery. Once he regains his strength, he and the other elephants at the facility will gradually be reintroduced to the wild.

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Watch a video from when Wass and friends arrived at the nursery:

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