Clown caught on security camera bizarrely ripping pumpkin apart on Florida porch


The recent trend of bizarre clowns terrorizing towns across America has finally reached the Sunshine State.

A security camera caught bizarre footage last week of a clown ripping apart a pumpkin on the porch of a Jacksonville home.

The black and white footage shows the terrifying clown pounding the pumpkin with his gloved fists before ripping it into pieces and dropping it angrily on the porch.

The clown then stares into the camera before vanishing into the cover of night.

Another clown was captured on camera standing just short of the front steps of another home in the neighborhood.

Locals who spoke to WJAX chalked up the bizarre sightings as friends pranking each other, but not everyone is convinced.

"I'm not with the scary stuff," said one resident.

"It was very weird," Doug Vanderlaan said. "I guess some people are afraid of clowns. I wouldn't say I am, but if you are afraid of clowns, it would be alarming."

The "clowning" craze began earlier this year in California with strange costumed characters popping up all over towns in the state. It has quickly spread as Halloween approaches.

Many have compared the phenomenon to the movie "Killer Klowns from Outer Space."

Others see it as harmless fun.

The pumpkin destroyed at the one home is believed by people who spoke to WJAX to have been brought to the scene.

Halloween is only 10 days away.

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