Students learn what it is like to be homeless

Students Learn What It's Like to Be Homeless
Students Learn What It's Like to Be Homeless

Mental troubles, family issues, and addiction are the common causes that drive people to homelessness. For those who can't relate to those hardships, a greater understanding of what it is like to be homeless might be what it takes to help solve the problem. Several groups are attempting to change the way we approach those experiencing homelessness.

A group of students from Cincinnati Hills Christian Academy learned first hand how hard it is to survive homelessness. The students spent a cold night in the downtown area in their own version of a shantytown. The exercise raised awareness on the hardships of homelessness and the students didn't stop there. They partnered with the Cincinnati Police Department in an initiative to help the homeless find housing. The goal is to get the homeless to pursue help from service groups such as Lighthouse Youth Services and find safer alternatives for shelter.

For many, these photos are a familiar sighting, often ignored. Has our society turned a blind eye to homelessness?

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