'RHONJ': The twins finally confront Teresa Giudice in heated fight

'RHONJ:' The Twins Finally Confront Teresa Giudice In Heated Fight
'RHONJ:' The Twins Finally Confront Teresa Giudice In Heated Fight

On "The Real Housewives of New Jersey," twins Teresa Aprea and Nicole Napolitano finally confronted Teresa Giudice about that nasty rumor that's been haunting the cast for weeks.

You know, the one about Teresa Aprea's husband Rino sleeping with her mother that Teresa Giudice's pal Victoria Gotti apparently started?

Well, as you might expect, things got a little heated when the three housewives got to talking at Dina Manzo's charity fashion show.

"I just need to clear this up."

"I don't care! No I don't care. Did you hear what I said?! What don't you get?

Please, I want to be friends with you."

"Babe, babe, babe."

"Teresa, are you that stupid?"

"Here we go, calling her stupid."

The twins were still angry with Teresa Giudice after she refused to apologize for sharing the rumor with Dina and, therefore, helping to spread it.

But apparently, all it took was a confrontation.

As Us Weekly noted, Teresa Giudice was surprisingly calm and cooperative while Teresa and Nicole expressed their feelings.

Teresa and Teresa even made up after the whole thing was said and done.

But fans on Twitter REALLY weren't happy with the way the twins handled the situation, with some saying they should have dropped the whole issue weeks ago.

And a writer for Hollywood Life agrees.

"[Teresa Aprea] definitely took it a bit too far. No matter what your feelings are about the Giudices, is it really necessary to bash them? They're already heading to prison."

Teresa Giudice will spend 15 months behind bars for mail, wire and bankruptcy fraud. Her husband Joe will serve 41 months in prison.