It's dog vs. weatherman in hilarious video

It's Dog Vs. Weatherman in Hilarious Video
It's Dog Vs. Weatherman in Hilarious Video

Dogs are great for running, cuddling and just generally being adorable -- but apparently they're not so great at reading the weather.

Weatherman Mike Sobel of Global News in Edmonton, Alberta brought Ripple, a shepherd/Mastiff mix, onto the set to help with the weather -- but things got a little ... unruly.

Ripple even managed to chew through his leash. Although the video has gone viral on sites like BuzzFeed, Daily Mail and The Huffington Post, this segment wasn't just for fun.

The 18-month-old pup is up for adoption at the Edmonton Humane Society -- and he's pretty upfront about his rambunctious ways, noting, "I would even make a fantastic running partner!" and "I can be quite energetic."

Yeah, no kidding ...

Now this wasn't Sobel's first go around with a rowdy pup -- he apparently promotes the Humane Society during the forecast every week.

He's gotten into some hijinx with the dogs before -- one little guy managed to get all tangled up in Sobel's legs.

Ripple reportedly now has multiple suitors for his adoption thanks to his viral Internet fame. You can learn more about him and a host of other animals at

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