Emotional testimony from transgender high school athlete

Emotional Testimony From Transgender H.S. Athlete
Emotional Testimony From Transgender H.S. Athlete

Zeam Porter is a transgendered high school student who is challenging the athletic policy of the Minnesota State High School League. While Porter was physically assigned to the female gender at birth, Zeam identifies with the male gender. More than anything else, Porter just wants to be able to play for the boys team and pursue what he loves most, basketball. Porter was awarded MVP of the girls basketball team but is pushing for the right to be able to pursue his love of basketball and reforming the transgender athletic policy.

This eye-opening and emotional testimonial shows the internal struggle and pain that Zeam Porter and other transexual people face on a daily basis. Zeam Porter's request is simple: "I just want you to see me." Anxiety and depression are a few of the "hurtful" side effects from the suppression of his identity. Porter is rallying for language to be inclusive and respectful.

Like Porter, Carra Marra, 26, a rising star in Brazil is making strides towards greater transgender acceptance. Originally born a boy, Carra is a popular transgendered model in Brazil's mainstream fashion industry:

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