Cancer won't stop this ballerina from dancing

Cancer Won't Keep Bald Ballerina from Dancing
Cancer Won't Keep Bald Ballerina from Dancing

A young ballet dancer diagnosed with breast cancer decided to publicly share her story in a selfless initiative to help other young females plagued by the disease. Maggie Kurdirka, also known as the "Bald Ballerina," was diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer in June, at the age of 23. Before her diagnosis, Kurdirka, was on a full merit scholarship with the Joffrey Concert Group.

While at the Joffrey Group, Maggie experienced pains in her chest but unassumingly associated it with the muscular fatigue that came with the rigors of dance. It took four months for Maggie to finally go to a doctor to seek help for the persisting pain. What Maggie thought was an overdeveloped muscle from carrying a heavy dance bag around New York City, turned out to an aggressively developed and cancerous tumor.

The Bald Ballerina has taken to social media to share her story and encourage others facing similar battles. Kurdika offers critical advice for young women over her Facebook page and connects with fromer colleagues who have questions or need guidance. Maggie credits her strength to the support of her family. Maggie's cousin, Amber, beat Leukemia 8 years ago. While Maggie's career is on indefinite hold, she wants to take time to help other during this chapter of her life. Doctors are optimistic about Maggie's prognosis and are encouraging her to continue practicing ballet between chemotherapy treatment sessions.

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