British actress Lynda Bellingham dies

British Actress and 'Oxo Mom' Lynda Bellingham Dies
British Actress and 'Oxo Mom' Lynda Bellingham Dies

The U.K. has lost the mother figure for an entire generation as Lynda Bellingham passed away Sunday after a year-plus battle with cancer.

The British actress was best known as the mom in commercials for Oxo kitchen supplies.

"Yes, it is a surprise. No, I haven't cooked it before. Yes, it is foreign. No, Jason, it's not a hamburger. Yes, Allison, Dolly will love it. No, Nick, no garlic," Bellingham says in the commercial.

In a statement, Bellingham's family wrote, "Lynda died peacefully in her husband's arms yesterday at a London hospital."

That was the 66-year-old actress's goal as she accepted a terminal diagnosis. She made headlines in recent months for her decision to end chemotherapy treatments.

Bellingham told ITV "I don't want you to see me at the last. I want you to remember me happy because that is also nice to see somebody off you love happy and contented."

Bellingham was a regular in British homes from her role on the late '80s BBC sitcom "All Creatures Great and Small" to competing in a "Dancing With the Stars"-like competition only five years ago.

Earlier this year, Buckingham Palace also named Bellingham an officer of the Order of the British Empire, a step in British chivalry just below a knight or dame.

Bellingham also appeared as a commentator on ITV's "Loose Women," and the show plans to air a special goodbye on Wednesday the actress recently taped.

The show's Twitter page was flooded Monday morning with viewers and celebrities leaving condolences. The show also tweeted, "#RIPLyndaBellingham one of the best colleagues and friends we could have wished for."

Lynda Bellingham was 66.

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