October 19th in history: the American Revolution came to a close, Blockbuster opened its first store, and more

'This Day in History': 10/19/1781 - Cornwallis Surrenders
'This Day in History': 10/19/1781 - Cornwallis Surrenders

Other events on October 19th in history:
1781: Cornwallis surrendered at Yorktown effectively ending the American Revolution.
1985: The very first blockbuster store opened in Dallas, Texas.
1987: The Stock Market crashed as the DOW plummeted by 508 points (22%).
2003: Pope John Paul II beatified Mother Teresa during a ceremony, bring her closer to sainthood in the Catholic Church.
2006: The Dow Jones closed above 12,000 points for the first time in history.

October 19th has historically been an important day for the stock market. See how it has fared as of late:

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