'Pawn Stars': Rare guitar owned by Stephen Stills sells for $85,000

'Pawn Stars:' Rare Guitar Owned By Stephen Stills Sells For Thousands
'Pawn Stars:' Rare Guitar Owned By Stephen Stills Sells For Thousands

On "Pawn Stars," a rare piece of rock 'n roll history had the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop's employees literally drooling.

The man walked into the shop and explained, "So, this is a 1941 Gibson SJ-200. It was owned by Stephen Stills of the band Crosby, Stills & Nash." Even Rick had to admit that is cool.

The beautiful guitar was in great shape, and store owner Rick Harrison could tell immediately it would be worth a big chunk of change.

But on top of that, the guitar's owner had a bill of sale signed by Stills himself, which made it even more valuable.

The Gibson's owner was looking to get a whopping $110,000 for it, which sounded like a lot for Rick at first. After his associate Jesse took a look at it and dubbed it "the holy grail" of Gibson guitars, no one could deny it was an expensive piece.

After hearing that, Rick ended up convincing the owner to sell him the rare guitar for $85,000 -- which wasn't exactly music to the owner's ears, but he didn't look too disappointed with the final offer.

Fans on Twitter were absolutely raving about how beautiful the guitar was, and some were floored by how much the owner was able to sell it for.

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