Man's best friend? Dog found to be allergic to humans

Dog Found To Be Allergic To Humans

For one poor pooch in Indiana, man is definitely not his best friend. Especially if he or she has dandruff.

The black labrador named Adam has been staying at Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue in Indianapolis since June after the centre's owner saw the dog on a pet rescue website and offered to take him in.

Staff at the centre discovered that his hair was falling out, his skin was inflamed and they had to fit a protective cone on him so he would stop gnawing on himself.

They did their best to nurse him back to full health with food and special baths to get rid of flees, reports the Daily Mail.

But when his condition didn't improve as hoped, he was taken for a blood test which revealed Adam's surprising diagnosis.

'Humans. I didn't believe her at first,' Robin Herman, who rescued Adam, said of the veterinarian's verdict. 'I thought she was kidding.'

Just as humans can be allergic to dogs, they can apparently be allergic to us, Herman learned. More specifically, Adam is allergic to human dander, commonly known as dandruff - the minute particles we constantly shed from our skin and scalp.

To combat the problem, Herman found a vet who could whip up a serum for Adam just like the allergy shots so often given to humans. The immunotherapy uses proteins of the allergen itself to slowly teach Adam's immune system to tolerate people.

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