Chris Martin pins Jennifer Lawrence, Seth Rogen 'hiding Kim Jong Un' & 10 more stories everyone's buzzing about


1. Chris Martin and Jennifer Lawrence are totally going steady now.

2. Seth Rogen jokes that he's hiding Kim Jong UN.

3. See Allison Williams and Christopher Walken in a hilarious newly-released "Peter Pan Live" poster.

4. Too soon? An Ebola TV show is actually in the works.

5. This French bulldog puppy playing with her cat sister is the cutest thing ever.

6. Blake Lively shows off her baby bump!

7. Calling all talent! Simon Cowell is planning a global talent contest.

8. Now that her feud with Snoop Dogg is over, Iggy Azalea is mad about something else.

9. Woah! Dane Cook has slept with how many women?

10. Kevin Hart makes heartfelt plea to save bus driver's job.

11. It's a full house! Jude Law is expecting his fifth child with his ex-girlfriend.

12. A mysterious new "Batman v. Superman" set has been found in Mexico.