Channing Tatum opens up about stripper past

Channing Tatum Opens Up About Stripper Past
Channing Tatum Opens Up About Stripper Past

If you've seen the film "Magic Mike," you know that actor Channing Tatum knows a thing or two about being a male stripper. That's because the 34-year-old used to be a male stripper, a fact he's never been shy about sharing.

In a recent interview with "New York Times T Magazine," he explained how his experience as an erotic dancer has only helped his career. He said, "Being a stripper exposed me to a lot of people I might never have met, and that has turned out to be a gift. There are lots of characters I feel I can play as a result."

Tatum worked as a stripper in Florida when he was in his late teens, under the stage name "Chan Crawford." His experience was actually the inspiration for the 2012 comedy-drama "Magic Mike," which will be getting a sequel sometime in 2015 titled "Magic Mike XXL."

He recently spoke with "People Magazine" about the sequel, and confessed that he has to run all his stripper moves by his wife, Jenna Dewan-Tatum, for approval.

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