Bear cub reunited with mama after getting stuck

Cub Reunites With Mama Bear After Getting Stuck In Trash Bin
Cub Reunites With Mama Bear After Getting Stuck In Trash Bin

A baby bear is reunited with its mama after getting stuck in a trash bin.

KNBC was on the scene Thursday after Pasadena, California residents reported a bear cub had found its way into a blue dumpster, and couldn't get out.

The mama bear attempted to save her baby herself, but after all of her attempts failed, California Department of Fish and Wildlife officials decided to step in. Rather than use a tranquilizer, they shot the mother with a bean bag.

The bean bag was enough to spook mama bear long enough for officials to coax the baby out with a ladder. Reunited, mama and baby first climbed up a tree together, then presumably headed home.

This baby isn't the only bear to find himself stuck with no a way out. Just last week a black bear was discovered locked inside of a Colorado resident's car. By the time the local sheriff's department freed the bear, the car had thousands of dollars worth of damage.

In both of these stories, the bears were scared but completely unharmed.

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