Australian 'Family Feud' game show criticized for sexist question

Australian 'Family Feud' Game Show Criticized For Sexist Questions
Australian 'Family Feud' Game Show Criticized For Sexist Questions

A segment of the game show "Family Feud" is under attack after asking contestants to 'Name a Woman's Job.'

The Australian version of the game show then proceeded to give the top eight answers to these questions based on the most popular answers from a survey of a hundred Australians. The most popular answers for women's jobs, on the other hand, were cooking, cleaning, washing dishes and doing laundry, along with a career as a hairdresser or a receptionist. Male jobs included being a mechanic, builder, plumber, carpenter, and tradesman.

Network 10 in Australia, which aired the show, has apologized for including the questions in the episode, saying on their Facebook page that they were "ill-advised," and that the answers don't speak for all Australians.

Post by Family Feud Australia.

The host of the show, Grant Denyer, took to Twitter to defend the show, saying: "We tested some social values on FF: name something people THINK is a man/woman's job? Don't blame us for the answers, they're yours Australia!"

Regardless of where blame is placed, people are still outraged. An associate professor from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology says the answers given on the show are evidence that sexism still exists in Australia.

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