Photographer fined for shooting engagement photos in stranger's home

Photographer Fined for Shooting Engagement Photos in Stranger's Home
Photographer Fined for Shooting Engagement Photos in Stranger's Home

WMUR Manchester -- The pursuit of art has led to a hefty fine for a Manchester photographer.

In August, Karen Jeryzk and five others entered a home on Main Street in Hollis.

Jeryzk wanted to use it as a backdrop for some engagement pictures, but she didn't have permission to be there.

In court Wednesday, Jeryzk admitted her mistake and was sentenced. In addition to a $1,000 fine, Jeryzk has to write a letter of apology to the owner of the building. She said she has no problem with that, saying she's sorry for what happened.

While pleading guilty to trespassing, Jeryzk said what happened Aug. 24 was a case of bad judgment.

"I let the best get me and went in without permission, and once again, I do apologize for that," she said.

Jerzyk said she and five other people went to 54 Main St. in Hollis to shoot some engagement pictures. She thought the building was abandoned and liked the contrast between the decaying structure and the people.

"It tells a story," she said. "Typically, older houses have a story to tell. There's lots of stuff inside of them."

Jerzyk said she has used similar structures for other photos, but this time, there was a difference.

"Before, I've gotten permission -- contacted real estate agents, contacted the owners -- and this one time, I didn't do it, and I saw the consequences of what happened when you don't get permission," Jerzyk said.

Jerzyk was fined $1,000, but $500 of that is suspended, provided she doesn't get in any trouble for a year. Jerzyk said she has learned her lesson.

"For the future, I will definitely go about it a different way," Jerzyk said.

Wednesday's hearing was scheduled to be an arraignment, but Jerzyk said she pleaded guilty to put the incident behind her and take responsibility for her actions.

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