Parole ended early for Florida teacher who had affair with 14-year-old student


The notorious Florida teacher who had a torrid affair with a 14-year-old student has been released from parole.

Debra Lafave pleaded guilty in 2005 to sexual encounters with one of her middle school students during summer break in 2004. She since sued the state to have her parole ended.

She previously had her parole ended early in 2011, a motion which was in direct violation of her non-prison plea deal.

The parole was reinstated in 2012 when an appeals court overturned the 2011 decision, but Lafave again filed another court order to be released from court supervision.

Florida State Supreme court granted that wish in a Thursday ruling.

"We find that although the district court's order terminating Lafave's probation may be classified as a "rare, post-sentencing order, it is a final order nonetheless," wrote Judge Justice Quince.

Quince further explained that the "order granting early termination of the term of the defendant's probation unlawfully deprives the State of a benefit for which it
specifically bargained.

"But Ms. Lafave retains the benefit she derived from the plea bargain-avoidance of exposure to a lengthy prison sentence after trial."

Quince called the lower court's ending of the probation an "error," but said that failing to uphold the ruling would be a "miscarriage of justice."

Lafave is no longer bound by the terms of her order, which prohibited her from having contact with minors.

But she will never be a schoolteacher again.

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