Kathie Lee & Hoda show off sister's dramatic makeover

Kathie Lee & Hoda Show-Off Sister's Dramatic Makeover
Kathie Lee & Hoda Show-Off Sister's Dramatic Makeover

Thursdays always mean one thing: makeover day on "Kathie Lee & Hoda!"

Carol Bricker, a 62-year-old from Ohio, was in New York to celebrate her younger sister Jamie's birthday. Take a good look at her before with her brunette hair because this transformation was off the charts.

Carol's sister's response? 'Oh, my word!'

At one point, Kathie Lee had to jokingly tell Jamie to "get a grip" before seeing her sister's transformation -- and what a transformation it was.

Her hair went from brunette to a sassy blonde, and before the makeover she told the hosts she hadn't highlighted her hair in 15 years. We don't know what they did with her makeup, but she looked years younger.

Jill Martin, author and ambush makeover contributor, was stoked for the big day. In a response to her tweet, stylist Louis Licari commented that they had to pick the women in the dark due to the weather.

Even so, they still chose well.

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