Illinois woman gets surprise snake delivery in the mail

Illinois Woman Gets Surprise Snake Delivery In the Mail

You've heard of snail mail, but how about snake mail? Delores Gavin got the shock of a lifetime when she opened up a package and found a baby spotted python inside.

The python was ordered with Gavin's credit card and shipped via Fedex right to her door. After some investigating, the Illinois grandmother learned that her granddaughter ordered the reptile without telling her.

Understandably, anyone who opens a package to find a surprise snake will be a little scared but the truth is, the Spotted Python is a pretty common pet.

The snake sent to Delores Gavin was just a baby, but an adult python can grow to be four feet long.

Fedexed snake
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Illinois woman gets surprise snake delivery in the mail

If you're looking for a pet python you better be in for a long term commitment. When cared for properly they can live up to 30 years old.

Once they get to know their owners, pet pythons are very docile don't mind being held.

In 2001, Britney Spears famously performed with Banana, the yellow python, in her Slave 4 U performance at the VMAs.

But Gavin decided a pet python wasn't for her -- or her granddaughter. The reptile dealer took the snake back, and even gave Gavin a full refund.

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