Chinese $85 million lottery winner dresses up as bear to stay anonymous

Chinese Man Dresses Up As Bear To Claim Lottery Winnings
Chinese Man Dresses Up As Bear To Claim Lottery Winnings

When people win big lottery prizes, you might expect them to dress up to claim their money. But one lottery winner in China took the term "dressing up" to a whole new level.

That's him in the yellow bear costume. Why, you ask? To keep his identity from being revealed.

The man -- that much we do know -- even kept his bear suit on during the press conference.

The winner told CCTV, "I feel really excited. I think I'll give part of the prize money to charity. I still don't have a specific plan now."

So how much did the bear win? 520 million yuan, or almost $85 million. According to China News, it's the third-highest lottery prize awarded in the country's history.

The winner said he spends between $3,000 and $5,000 on lottery tickets each year. And some journalists, including ABC's Amy Robach, say his desire to stay anonymous is understandable.

Robach said, "Winning the lottery always comes with a downside. Dealing with all those supposed 'relatives and friends' coming out of the woodwork. It can be unbearable."

See what she did there? Couldn't resist throwing in a pun, could you Amy?

And neither could a writer for Shanghaiist, who hopes the bear will "spend at least some of his winnings on honey."

Although this story might sound a bit ridiculous, dressing up is not uncommon for lottery winners in China.

Shanghai Daily reports, "Rich Chinese prefer to keep out of the public eye to avoid attracting unwanted attention."

In past years lottery winners have dressed up as Mickey Mouse, a panda and Batman.

The bear did come through with his promise to give to charity. CCTV says he's already donated money to help those living in the Yunnan Province where an earthquake struck earlier this month.

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