Car wash prank takes terrifying turn for 30 people

Ford Terrifies 30 People in Car Wash
Ford Terrifies 30 People in Car Wash

Halloween is right around the corner, and that means nobody is safe from pranks -- not even in a place as seemingly safe as a car wash.

Ford told a group of 30 people in Michigan to stop at a local car wash on the way to a (fake) Ford test drive. They didn't suspect a thing ... and of course they never ended up reaching the final destination.

It doesn't look like the 'undead' do a very good job of soaping and sudsing (you'll see what we mean).

We're pretty sure that after this fright, these bewildered drivers and passengers will all be washing their cars by hand -- or just sticking to mass transit.

Don't have three minutes to watch? Check out the trailer for a quick laugh:

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