Advertising campaign causing 500+ accidents in one day in Moscow

Revealing Breast Billboard Causes 517 Accidents In One Day
Revealing Breast Billboard Causes 517 Accidents In One Day

An advertisement designed to get people's attention appears to have backfired. It allegedly caused 517 accidents in a single day.

Thirty trucks were driving around Moscow, Russia with a billboard featuring female breasts and the slogan, "They attract." The advertisement did just that. According to the Daily Mail, it distracted hundreds of male drivers causing them to collide into one another.

(Some photos below NSFW)

One furious driver said, "I was on my way to a business meeting when I saw this truck with a huge photo of breasts on its side go by. Then I was hit by the car behind who said he had been distracted by the truck. It made me late and left my car in the garage, and although I am insured I am still [paying] out of pocket."

As police heard more and more complaints, they ordered the trucks to cover up the ad, but drivers are asking for money.

A spokesperson for Sarafan Advertising Agency, the company behind the marketing campaign, released a statement saying, "In all cases of accidents, the car owners will receive compensation costs from us that aren't covered by their insurance."

We admit, this particular story seems a bit unbelievable but it turns out distracting advertisements happen all the time. Every time a driver looks at a billboard, they're not looking at the road.

One billboard that made headlines in the U.S. a few years ago was this distracting public service announcement talking about, ironically, the dangers of distractions.

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