Police: Mother yanked young daughter's hair so hard it caused internal bleeding


A Pennsylvania mother ripped the hair out of her young daughter's scalp because she could not count, police said.

Brittany Ruck, 25, of Conway, yanked her six-year-old child's hair so hard it separated her scalp from her skull and caused internal bleeding, according to an affidavit cited by KDKA.

"The head injury was described in medical terms as traction," Michael Priolo, of the Conway Police Department told the station. "It is a separation between the scalp and skull which creates a void that fills with blood. The blood ended up pooling around the eyes, giving her raccoon eyes."

Ruck eventually took her ailing daughter to the hospital, but only after brutally torturing her, cops said.

Police say the child claimed Ruck "pulled her out of a chair by her hair for her inability to count to 12."

Priolo explained to KDKA: The female was having a difficult time counting to 12. She could count to 10 because she had 10 fingers."

Ruck also stands accused of pulling her into a corner by her hair the following day and repeatedly assaulting the girl in the past, according to WPXI.

The battered child spent days at a Pittsburgh children's hospital before she was released to the care of a relative, police told media.

The violent woman admitted to yanking the child's hair several times, police said. She feels she did nothing wrong.

Her other two children, aged four and one, have also been placed into the care of a relative.

Ruck faces a litany of abuse and assault charges. She is currently sitting in a Beaver County Jail cell on a $50,000 bond.

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