Nicholas Sparks reveals the best kiss from one of his movies

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If you don't have a box of tissues ready yet, you may want to pick some up before heading to "The Best of Me," the latest on-screen romantic drama from Nicholas Sparks, which opens Friday.

The film, starring James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan and breakout actors Luke Bracey and Liana Liberato, follows the tangled and forgotten love story of Amanda and Dawson. Like most Sparks films, their love story isn't all boxes of chocolate and roses, and after years apart they find themselves reunited by the death of an old friend.

Despite the similar themes and scenes – magical kisses in the moonlight, meddling parents, and unending tragedy – there's a refreshing take on the "what ifs" of love. And let's face it, churning out epic love story one after the next is no easy feat, especially with such stiff competition from his own films.

The 48-year-old author revealed in an exclusive interview with AOL that his earliest film "A Walk to Remember" is one that people easily measure his newest tomes against.

"'A Walk to Remember' is timeless. There's a fable-esque quality about it. It's just got such a great message for girls. Be who you are. If the guy ain't good enough, then okay. I love that message," Sparks shared.

His adoration for Mandy Moore and Shane West aren't the only things the King of Romance shared. Sparks also opened up on the most epic kiss from one of his flicks – and no it isn't from "The Notebook" – and which lovers didn't have immediate chemistry.

Favorite love story of all time? "Casablanca"

Best on-screen kiss from one of your movies? The one that is most noted is the one from Allie and Noah in the rain in "The Notebook." But I really liked Zac and Taylor in the shower in "The Lucky One." That was pretty great. But I can't judge.

What's the key to a great on-screen kiss? The biggest key is that they have to like each other. That hasn't always been the case. They ended up liking each other. An example would be Liam Hemsworth and Miley Cyrus in "The Last Song." They did end up dating and engaged but they filmed the kiss on day one, so they didn't really know each other. It came across well, but it was harder to do.

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Best date scene in one of your flicks? I'm going to go back to a "Walk to Remember." Being in two places at once and the little tattoo and how he blew on it. C'mon that's an all-time great thing. It was all off of her list and it was very original solutions.

Couple with the best on-screen chemistry from a flick? We've been 5 for 5.

Who are your biggest muses? A walk is my muse. If I am stuck, I walk.

What's the most romantic place you've ever visited? Hawaiian beach at sunset.

Would you call yourself a romantic or a realist? Both

The Best of Nicholas Sparks
The Best of Nicholas Sparks