Emma Stone reveals adorable photos from her very first plays

Emma Stone Reveals Adorable Photos From Her Very First Plays
Emma Stone Reveals Adorable Photos From Her Very First Plays

On the "Tonight Show," Emma Stone revealed her passion for acting started when she was in middle school -- and she had the pictures to prove it.

"This was my first play, this one, the chest hair one. Which I was playing an otter in this, so you would think that I would have full body hair, but just, this is how we..." Emma explained about one of the photos.

Emma also shared another gem, which was taken when she was just 13 years old.

We're impressed that she developed her signature shocked face at such a young age.

Emma says those plays helped her fall in love with acting -- but it was a different role in a Thanksgiving play that inspired her to make it her career. No, really.

She told Flicks And Bits back in 2013 that her part in the musical "No Turkey for Perky" had a real impact on her:

"I really enjoyed that and it made me [realize] that I loved getting to perform."

We guess we have "No Turkey for Perky" to thank for Emma's performance in the new movie
"Birdman." The film hits theaters Friday.

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